KPMG Modern Slavery Benchmark

Enhance your modern slavery response with guidance from leading practice

Benchmark and assess your modern slavery risk management

Australia’s Modern Slavery legislation requires entities to make a public statement on how they identify and manage modern slavery risks in their operations and supply chain. Boards are responsible for the statements, which will be published on a central government register.

The KPMG Modern Slavery Benchmark guides you through a self-assessment of the maturity of your entity’s modern slavery risk management for your operations and supply chain. We equip you with practical recommendations to take effective action. You will gain industry insights and understand your gaps against leading practice.

With increasing regulations, expectations and risks in your operations and supply chain, now is the time to benchmark your modern slavery response and track your progress.

What are the benefits to you?

The KPMG Modern Slavery Benchmark is user-friendly and allows you to easily assess your progress in addressing modern slavery.

Benchmark against leading practice

  • Compare your maturity against leading practice and access a quick reference heat map for executives and boards
  • Examine a single business or compare wholly owned subsidiaries in a complex corporate group
  • Repeat the Benchmark to track your progress over time

Clear insights and practical responses

  • Receive findings and recommendations based on your responses and industry risks
  • Clearly visualise your data, findings and recommendations, and filter across the respondents you choose
  • Access your online dashboard with practical responses for Modern Slavery legislation reporting

Learn from global specialists

  • Access KPMG’s practical industry expertise and deep subject matter knowledge, grounded in international frameworks
  • Receive technical assistance
  • Discuss next steps and prepare for implementation and improve your systems and controls

How it works

The KPMG Modern Slavery Benchmark guides you through a self-assessment, quickly analyses responses across your entity or group, and provides you with recommendations.

Step 1 - Self-assessment

  • Participate in a guided questionnaire to self-assess the maturity of your current policies, management systems and controls, and mechanisms to respond to modern slavery allegations
  • Select your preferred number of respondents to complete the questionnaire, so that you can understand the maturity across the business including diverse functions and your wholly owned subsidiaries
  • Receive technical support during the self-assessment

Step 2 - Benchmark

  • The digital tool aggregates and analyses your inputs against the established leading practice criteria built into the Benchmark
  • The Benchmark generates findings, comparable indicative maturity rankings and recommendations for your self-assessed level of maturity

Step 3 - Report and next steps

  • Receive your KPMG Modern Slavery Benchmark Report accessible online and in a convenient download
  • Access interactive benchmarking to compare responses according to subsidiary, or track your progress over each year
  • Engage KPMG Banarra, our human rights and social impact specialists, to discuss your recommendations

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